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Value of a radio.

  • How much is my radio worth in today's market

Please don't ask me to tell you the value of your radio. I am a collector, not a broker nor an appraiser, so I have no ability to honestly state what your radio might be worth. There are several publications that attempt to do that but I do not put much stock in them.

There is too much emotion involved on either the part of the seller or the part of the buyer. If the seller is emotionally attached to a radio then he/she will want much more than it is worth in order to part with it. If the buyer has some nostalgic reason for wanting to buy a radio (like grandpa used to have one of those) then he/she will be willing to pay much more than the radio is worth. You have to be your own judge and decide how much you want or how much you are willing to pay.

  • Where can I get an appraisal?

Putting a value on a radio is really hard to do and anyone who says they can appraise your radio is really living a pipe dream. My best advice for you is to look to see what similar radios are selling for on, or at this website:

  • Can I make a charitable donation of my radio?

A lot of antique radio clubs and museums are qualified 501-C-3 organizations where you can receive an income tax deduction for you donation. My online museum does not qualify, but I will still gladly accept any donation you may want to offer, but you won't be able to receive any tax credit for your donation.

By all means donate your radio to a collector (not a reseller), so that it will be kept as part of our amazing technology history, rather than having it end up in some land fill.

Also, consider donating your radio to a younger member of the family, such as a child, grand child, or even great grand child. You never know, the gift may spark an interest that will last that person a lifetime.

Help identifying a radio

  • Can you help me identify this radio?

I am always glad to assist you in identifying your radio and determining when it was manufactured.

If you don't already have a make and model number then you will need to send me several photos of the radio, including a close-up of the dial face. Also, if unsure of the model number then give me any numbers you can find on the chassis, under the cabinet, inside wall of the cabinet, or any other areas where you find some numbers. In most cases I can eliminate the numbers/letters that are not model numbers and go from there.

  • What is needed to identify a radio?

The most important things are the manufacturer name and the radio model number. Be careful to get the model number and not the chassis number because the same chassis may have been used for a number of years in different cabinets.

A photo of the radio including a close up of the radio dial is most helpful. The radio dial tells a lot about the age of the radio. For example, only in the 60's were the Conorad station icons put on the radio dials.

Radio Collection

  • How long have I been collecting radios?

I started collecting radios around 2001 but my interest in old radios go way back to before I entered the Army in 1957. My brother had found an old Atwater Kent radio in the basement of his house and he knew I was interested in electronics so he gave the radio to me. I fixed it up to where it looked brand new (at least to me) and just sat it on a shelf. Then when I entered the Army and came home on my first leave I asked my dad where my radio was. He said, "that old piece of junk?" I threw that out in the trash!". I felt bad at the time, but it wasn't a big deal. Years later I really felt bad that I didn't have that old radio.

  • How big is you collection?

As of mid 2019 my collection is over 800 radios and still growing. I have radios of all types and as you can see from my website I also have other interesting antique electronic items, not necessarily related to radios, but certainly related to electronics or communications.

  • What is your favorite type of radio?

My favorite radio is wood cabinet table model radios from the 20's, 30's and 40's. I love all styles and designs but the above are my favorites.

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