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This page will continue to show radios made from plastic and similar materials. These include bakelite, lexan, catalin, plaskon and other plastic type of materials.


This is Philco model 49-601 from 1949.

Most portable radios are designed to work on both AC and DC but this one was designed for Battery use only. An identical radio with model 49-602 was made for both AC and DC. I quite often find something unique about radios and the Battery Only feature of this one fits that category.

This radio was purchased from a local antique store.


This is a really neat Admiral clock radio from 1952.

It is unusual to see a radio from that period with a metal face plate such as this. This does give it a very art deco appearance though.

This radio was purchased from a local antique store.


This is an RCA Yachtsman AC/DC portable radio, model 7BX9H. I could only date this one some time in the 50's.

This is an interesting radio because of the Marine, Aircraft and Ham bands. You will notice the rotatable antenna on the top. That was used for Radio Direction Finding while out at sea in a boat. If you knew the approximate location of a radio transmitter then you could rotate this antenna for either a max signal, or for a null in the signal, and by doing that you could determine the compass heading to that location. If you did this for two different stations, then plotted the heading on a nautical chart, you could determine your POSITION as the point where the two plotted lines intersect. It wasn't high accuracy navigation, but it was better than nothing.

This radio was a donation from Keith, WE6R, and Elise, K1ZAP. Thanks you two. You gotta love that ZAP call sign. BTW, Keith has a nice website at


Admiral 5X11N Super Aeroscope.

This is a typical "bedside" table you might find on the night stands in the bedrooms of the late 40's and early 50's. This one is probably from 1950.

This is a another donation to the museum from Keith, WE6R, and Elise, K1ZAP.

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