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This is a list of the reference material I have available for research of antique radio and ham radio topics. These are books I have in my library and I would be happy to look something up for you if you see a reference that may contain what you are looking for. I have no way of linking to these books so just email me your question and I'll see what I can find. Send email to wa6dij @ arrl . net (remove spaces)

1. Antique Trader Radio and Television Price Guide edited by Kyle Husfloen 2005

2. Collector?s Guide to Antique Radios, Seventh Edition John Slusser & the staff of Radio Daze 2008

3. Evolution of the Radio, with prices edited by Scott Wood 1991

4. Machine Age to Jet Age I,

Radiomania's Guide to Tabletop Radios 1933-1959", Mark V. Stein 1994

5. Machine Age to Jet Age II,

Radiomania's Guide to Tabletop Radios 1930-1959, Mark V. Stein 1997

6. Machine Age to Jet Age III

Radiomania's Guide to Tabletop Radios 1930-1962, Mark V. Stein 1999

7. Radios by Hallicrafters, with price guide Chuck Dachis 1995

8. Radios by Hallicrafters, Revised and expanded 2nd Edition Chuck Dachis 1999

9. The Complete Price Guide to Antique Radios:

Pre-War Consoles Mark V. Stein 2000

10. The Complete Price Guide to Antique Radios:

Tabletop Radios, Volume I Mark V. Stein 2002

11. The Radio Collector's Directory and Price Guide Robert E. Grinder and George H. Fathauer 1986

12. Zenith Radio, The Early Years, 1919-1935 Harold N. Cones & John H. Bryant 1997

13. Mallory Radio Service Encyclopedia, Fifth Edition P. R. Mallory & Co., Inc., Indianapolis, IN 1946

14. Philco Radio, 1928-1942 Ron Ramirez with Michael Prosise 1993

15. Radio Manufacturers of the 1920's, Vol. 1 Alan Douglas 2006

16. Radio Manufacturers of the 1920's, Vol. 2 Alan Douglas 1995

17. Radio Manufacturers of the 1920's, Vol. 3 Alan Douglas 1999

18. Sears Silvertone Catalogs 1930-1942 Mark V. Stein 2001

19. Elements of Radio Marcus & Horton 1943

20. Elements of Radio Servicing, 3rd edition Marcus & Levy 1947

21. The All-American Five Radio, Understanding and

Restoring Transformerless Radios of the 1940's,

50's and 60's Richard McWhorter 2003

22. Vintage Radio 1887 - 1929, Greenwood's Classic

Pictorial Album Revised, Edited and Expanded Morgan E. McMahon 1922/1973

23. Radios that Work for Free K. E. Edwards 1977

24. Old Time Radios! Restoration and Repair Joseph J. Carr 1991

25. Plastic Radios (The Antique Radio Collectors' Source Book) Mark V. Stein 2006

26. Guide to Old Radios, Pointers, Pictures and Prices,

Second Edition David & Betty Johnson 1989/1995

27. Antique Radio Restoration Guide, 2nd Edition David Johnson 1982/1992

28. Tools and Their Uses, NAVPERS 10085-B Bureau of Naval Personnel 1971

29. Radio Engineers' Handbook Frederick Emmons Terman, Sc.D. 1943

30. Modern Radio Servicing Alfred A. Ghirardi 1935

31. The Radio Manual, for Radio Engineers, Inspectors,

Students, Operators and Radio Fans. George E. Sterling 1928/1947

32. Electron Tube Circuits, 2nd Edition, McGraw-Hill

Electrical and Electronid Engineering Series Samuel Seely, Ph. D. 1958

33. How to Pass Radio License Examinations Chrles E. Drew 1938/1944

34. Radio Shack Dictionary of Electronics Rudolf F. Graf 1974

35. The Pilot's Radio Communications Handbook, 2nd Edition Paul E. Illman & Jay Pouzar 1981

36. Radio and Television Instruments and Testing Methods.

Coyne Electrical and Radio School The Technical Staff 1947/1951

37. Radio and Television and FM Receivers.

Coyne Electrical and Radio School The Technical Staff 1947/1951

38. Radio and Television Circuits,

Coyne Electrical and Radio School The Technical Staff 1948/1951

39. Practical Television Servicing and Trouble Shooting Manual,

Coyne Electrical and Radio School The Technical Staff 1949/1951

40. Radio Servicing Made Easy Leonard C. Lane 1961/1962

41. Transmission Lines, Antennas and Wave Guides King, Mimno & Wing 1945

42. Basic Radio, The Essentials of Electron Tubes

and Their Circuits J. Barton Hoag, Ph.D. 1942/1947

43. Handbook of Electronic Tables & Formulas,

Howard W. Sams Donald Herrington & Stanley Meacham 1959/1962

44. Restoration and Preservation of Scientific Apparatus

for Collectors. La Restauration et la Conservation des

Appareils Scientifiques de Collection. In Both English

and French. One page typed in English and the facing

page in French. Guy Biraud 1987

45. Everybody's Radio Manual, How to Build and Editorial Staff of

Repair Radio Receivers Popular Science Monthly 1942/1946

46. Electrical and Electronic Technologies: A Chronlolgy

of Events and Inventors from 1900 to 1940 Henry B. D. Davis 1983

47. National Radio Institute Complete Course in

Practical Radio, in 38 booklets NRI 1929

48. The AWA Review, Volume 1 The Antique Wireless Association 1986

49. The AWA Review, Volume 2 The Antique Wireless Association 1987

50. The AWA Review, Volume 3 The Antique Wireless Association 1988

51. The AWA Review, Volume 4 The Antique Wireless Association 1989

52. The AWA Review, Volume 5 The Antique Wireless Association 1990

53. The AWA Review, Volume 6 The Antique Wireless Association 1991

54. The AWA Review, Volume 7 The Antique Wireless Association 1992

55. The Radio Amateur's Handbook, 15th Revised Edition A. Frederick Collins 1983

56. Radioman's Handbook Robert G. Middleton 1981

57. History and Practice of the Electric Telegraph George B. Prescott, Reproduction of 1866 book Superintendent of Electric Telegraph Lines

58. American Telegraphy & Encyclopedia of the Telegraph William Maver Jr. Reproduction of 1912 book

59. Radio Handbook, 18th Edition William I. Orr, W6SAI 1970

60. Radio Handbook, 23rd Edition William I. Orr, W6SAI 1987

61. Bret's Old Radios Presents Antique Radio Restoration,

Volume 1, A Step-By-Stem Guide to Old-Radio Repair,

DVD 115 minutes Bret Menassa 2004

62. Bret's Old Radios Presents Antique Radio Restoration,

Volume 2, Intermediate to Advanced Theory &

Troubleshooting, DVD 135 minutes Bret Menassa 2004

63. Bret's Old Radios Presents Antique Radio Restoration,

Volume 3, Plastic Cabinet Repair and Refinishing,

DVD 120 minutes Bret Menassa 2005

64. Complete Guide to Amateur Radio Joseph DuBovy 1979/1982

65. Math for the Electronic Student, Radio Shack Alan Andrews 1976

66. The Radio Amateur's License Manual, 53rd Edition, ARRL 1964

67. The Radio Amateur's License Manual, 74th Edition, ARRL 1975

68. An Introduction to: Operating an Amateur Radio Station ARRL 1976

69. News of Amateur RTTY, Vol. 10, No. 7 RTTY, Inc. July, 1962

70. News of Amateur RTTY, Vol. 10, No. 8 RTTY, Inc. Aug. 1962

71. News of Amateur RTTY, Vol. 10, No. 9 RTTY, Inc. Sept. 1962

72. News of Amateur RTTY, Vol. 10, No. 10 RTTY, Inc. Oct. 1962

73. News of Amateur RTTY, Vol. 10, No. 12 RTTY, Inc. Dec. 1962

74. DX Magazine # 119 Dec. 28, 1960

75. License Manual for Radio Operators: a Guide to

FCC Examinations J. Richard Johnson 1955

76. A Short Table of Integrals, Third Revised Edition B. O. Peirce 1929

77. Principles and Practice of Radio Servicing, EM 962 War Dept. of Education 1939/1943

78. Electronics Technician 3, NAVPERS 10188 Navy Training Courses 1954

79. The Giant Book of Amateur Radio Antennas Editors of 73 Magazine 1979

80. The Radio Handbook, Twelfth Edition edited by R. L. Dawley 1949

81. QST Magazine, Vol XXVII, NO. 2 ARRL Feb. 1943

82. The ARRL Antenna Book ARRL 1968

83. Practical Antenna Handbook, Second Edition Joseph J. Carr 1994

84. Now You're Talking! Radio Shack ARRL 1995

85. Reflections II, Transmission Lines and Antennas M. Walter Maxwell, W2DU 2001

86. Radiotron Designer's Handbook, Third Edition,

RCA Manufacturing Co., Inc. Edited by F. Langford Smith 1940

87. RADIO (magazine), Special Yearbook Number #215 Radio, Ltd. 1937

88. The Radio Amateur's Handbook, 30th ed. ARRL 1953

89. The Radio Amateur's Handbook, 45th ed. ARRL 1968

90. The Radio Amateur's Handbook, 48th ed. ARRL 1971

91. The Radio Amateur's Handbook, 49th ed. ARRL 1972

92. The Radio Amateur's Handbook, 50th ed. ARRL 1973

93. The Radio Amateur's Handbook, 51st ed. ARRL 1974

94. The Radio Amateur's Handbook, 52nd ed. ARRL 1975

95. The Radio Amateur's Handbook, 55th ed. ARRL 1978

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